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Since Kerry Pain has over 20 years' experience in swimming pools installation and design, he set out incorporating his years of experience into the very best residential swimming pool styles. Kerry is widely regarded as one of the best pool designers in the Australian pool market, a land that has the highest pool ownership per household in the world. Not surprisingly, this sun drenched country produces some of the finest swimming pool products in the world.

“It’s not about offering 50 types of pools, it is about offering classic and innovative styles that work well in residential environments” says Kerry when talking about the new Leisure Pools styles. “Once you have the style that fits the homeowner's preference, then we look to pool size because people have different usage requirements for the pools backyard sizes and budgets.

“After style and size have been determined then it’s a question of choosing the most suitable color. Color choice is so vitally important in achieving a stunning look in your back yard” says Kerry..

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, whether your pool site is large or small, there’s a Leisure Pool style, size and color to suit your needs (and budget) perfectly and our representative is there to navigate you through the rewarding process of pool ownership. With them you’ll be Swimming in Quality and Style®.

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