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Deep blue colors in water is pleasant to the eyes and the same is true for swimming pools plus it adds a sense of style to your home. When functionality is your goal our traditionally colored pools still provides you with the same structural integrity as our premium pools at a reduced cost. Let us show you just how good your new pool can look.

First, take a journey with us as we explain our color philosophy which is entrenched in color theory. Then we will introduce you to the stunning, exclusively licensed Aquaguard® gel coat finishes that produce a shimmering and unique sparkle finish. For traditional white let us also show you how fiber optics can achieve somewhat the same goal if that is your desire.

Inspired by the dazzling hues of Australia’s coastal waters, these colors will make your Leisure Pool the envy of all who see and swim in it; swimming in quality and style.


Color theory is significantly gaining increased acceptance in the United States in pool design and presentation. This means the color of the water in a residential pool is the most immediate reaction you will have when viewing a pool. How this water color combines with the pool’s surrounding deck, landscaping and overall design within the back yard setting is the central element of color theory.

It is not a question of cost…

Many an expensive pool were built that are just plain ordinary and obviously doesn’t have the impact our pools have. A pool that is not necessarily expensive can have a great deal of impact by paying attention to color theory which makes for an incredibly beautiful pool that not only provides years of enjoyment, but justifies the investment made. Or put another way, you get a lot more bang for your buck.

If the water color is incredible, the overall impact on the decoration of your house will be stunning also. Many people mistakenly focus on shape, pumps, water features, tiles etc. While these are important, they fade into insignificance with the overall impact of water color and color theory of the residential pool.


Consider these pools below.

The first 2 are white pools, one expensive and the other less expensive.

Now look at what color theory suggests with these two pools both presented with Leisure Pools exclusive Aquaguard® gel coat finishes.

The photos show the difference pool water color can make in the overall attractiveness of the pool. Remember that water color is determined by the surface color of the pool.


Consider color theory in the context of viewing brown river water versus the clear magical blues that surround coral reefs or atolls. Similarly, many hotels are adopting color theory in their plans to make their hotel pools the centerpiece of the resort areas. Gone are the pale white finishes that show all dirt, stains and render the pool old before their time. Hotel pools are being built with deep inviting blues, the type of water color that is inviting and in some ways exotic.

Many pool architects are bringing this color theory to residential pools. The days of white pools are over.

You use your pool year round…

Color theory also maintains that the use of a water vessel should not just be for the swimming season, but for your enjoyment 12 months of the year.

It is wrong to think of your pool as being only used when you swim in it. Your beautiful pool should be the centerpiece of the back yard and able to give you viewing pleasure all year long.

Consider a bright fall or spring evening or even a clear winter evening or morning as you relax on the back verandah. The beautiful sparkle from your pool water is very relaxing and provides lots of enjoyment. This is using your pool just as much as swimming in it.

Now consider the contrast between beautiful blue sparkling water and the anemic pale and frigid looking water color that a white pool produces: Blue water has always been the most naturally attractive.

Notice that you see all of the dirt, leaves and debris on the bottom of a white frigid pool above.

Leisure Pools Tuscany 29 in Australian Blue below..


With this in mind, Leisure Pools color strategy leads to the fact that no white pools have been produced over the last 10 years, which supports Leisure Pools color strategy. We consider white pools to be:

Color Range

We have selected our best colors for the United States and have complimented these colors with our leading pool styles.


Australian Blue

Australian Blue dances in the sunlight and engulfs the pool in a beautiful sparkle making the water so inviting that you just want to dive in. It is a deep inviting blue that that has proven over and over the importance of color theory in achieving the “WOW” factor. Depending on the sun position and light during the day and night, it changes the look and color of the pool so it is always interesting and always inviting. It’s no wonder that Australian Blue is the top selling color.

Great Barrier Reef Blue

Swim in the endless blue turquoise of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Leisure Pools’ Great Barrier Reef Blue is a stunning sparkling finish that reflects the warm and inviting coral reef waters that guard Australia’s northeastern coastline.

Outback Blue

Our newest color and one that certainly has the “WOW” factor. With twice the sparkle and shimmer, Outback Blue mirrors the deep Australian night sky with countless sparkling stars.

Queensland Blue

Imagine combining the colors of a land that boasts world-class beaches, sun-baked islands, and endless blue oceans. Queensland is a wonderland of color and our new Leisure Pools Queensland Blue is a reflection of all that is bountiful in this dazzling land and places it right in your own back yard.

Aquaguard® Gel coat

The finish on a Leisure Pool not only looks stunning, it is the result of years of research and development aimed at leading the fiberglass pool industry.

Aquaguard® Gel coat finishes have been developed and tested by Fiberglass International (FGI) through the 1980's and 1990's in Australia. Over the years of development, the product called for exceptional chemical resistance, mechanical strength and weathering properties, especially the latter for use in exterior applications in Australia where the UV intensity is extremely high.

Fiberglass International’s Aquaguard® technology is simply unique and has been subject to extensive testing programs (both accelerated and real-time) concentrating on a combination of weathering and chemical resistance. The quaguard® gel coats:

  • Exhibit outstanding UV and fade resistance
  • Provide unique shimmer and sparkle finish
  • Are formulated as a one coat spray able system with excellent application characteristics. (Not only are they easy to apply in the factory, they are easy to repair if damaged.)
  • Are specifically designed for swimming pool applications 

As these decorative gel coats exhibit outstanding weathering and chemical resistance properties, they can be used in any "performance" area where UV, water and fade resistance are a consideration.

It is an outstanding pool finish that has endured constant testing and refinement and now boasts a full 10 year warranty against:

  • Osmotic blistering
  • Discoloration
  • Fading*
  • Surface yellowing

Note that the product has been laboratory tested out to 20 years with no noticeable deterioration.

*The Aquaguard® finish includes combinations of UV protection and color pigment and this pigment like any material may be subject to minor levels of dulling over a 30-year period if exposed to direct sunlight. However, due to the highly advanced formulation and chemical blending, any dulling will be uniform in nature and can be easily refinished by applying a gel coat polish to revitalize the pool surface.

Our warranty is simply the very best you will find on any pool surface. In contrast, most manufacturers provide a very limited one year warranty or no warranty on the surface finish.

Don’t be fooled by lifetime warranty, this is in relation to the pool structure only (and is one of the great testimonial to fiberglass pools and their ability to perform over 20 or 30 years or longer). The warranty on the pool surface is just one of the many benefits that set’s Leisure Pools apart.


Regardless of the pool you decide to purchase, think about color theory. Not only will it provide you with a stunning pool for years to come, the “WOW” factor will always enhance your homes resale value and provide future owners with a very good reason to choose your home over another one.

Then think about the years of research and development embodied in the Aquaguard® gel coat finishes to produce stunning color pools that will look beautiful for decades. When it is all said and done, there is only one choice; you will be Swimming in Quality and Style®.